We all recognise RGS as a vibrant and friendly school.  Through starting the RGS Junior School  Family Group (JFG) we hope to provide activities for children and parents to mix between classes and year groups.  The main focus of RGS JFG is social and we aim to be a welcoming and informal social network of parents. 


The RGS Junior School is well-funded and for that reason fund-raising is not a primary aim of the JFG.  Money received for events will be mostly to cover costs. Any extra funds raised will be shared between subsidising future events and extra niceties for the children as identified by Mr Craig (such as an ice cream for each child at Christmas).


We all lead hectic lives and the JFG appreciate that not everyone wishes to, or is able to, help on a regular basis.  We are grateful for any support or ideas.

There are many ways to be involved and we would be happy if you wished to:

  • help with a specific event only

  • join in for a short space of time

  • drop us an email with ideas for future events

We're always happy to chat!

Kate Pullman             Year 5 parent

David Kay                 Year 5 parent

Roma De Dominicis    Year 5 parent

Clare Emmerson        Year 6 parent

Johnny Marshall         Year 6 parent

Lucia Pareja               Year 6 parent